100 Things You Should Know About Communism by John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities PDF

By John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

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District of New Jersey, 38 Park Place, Newark, N. 1. (State of New Jersey) Chairman-Sid Stein . Organizing secretary-Larry Mahon . Section organizer, Plainfield-Al Muniz . Committee members : Martha Stone (Scherer) . Tom Scanlon . Irving Glassman . Joseph Magliaco. Elwood Dean. Mrs . Gaetana Mahan . District of Connecticut, air Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn . (State of Connecticut) Chairman-Joe Roberts . Secretary-Mike Russo. Committee members (in addition to above) : Rudolph Gillespie. Roy A .

Besides active teaching in public schools, private schools, and church schools, from kindergartens to colleges, they run some schools outright . 75 . You mean there are actually Communist schools in this country? Yes . 64 76 . Will you list some? Here are some typical examples : School s Location Jefferson School of Social Science 575 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N. Y. , Brooklyn, N . Y . , Brooklyn, N. Y . , Bronx, N . Y . , Bronx, N. Y . , Philadelphia, Pa . , Hollywood, Calif . , San Francisco, Calif .

They teach children what to think. 55 Our kindergartens try to develop children as individuals so each one can have a chance to grow up into the kind of citizen he best can be. Their kindergartens try to stamp each child into a fixed form so that he will serve Communism, and Communism alone, regardless of his own individual ambitions or instincts . 20. Just what makes up the "school system" in America which the Communists want? There are about 201,100 schools in this country listed by the United States Office of Education .

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100 Things You Should Know About Communism by John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

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