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By Barbara W. Tuchman

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The 14th century offers us again contradictory pictures: a glittering time of crusades and castles, cathedrals and chivalry, and a depressing time of ferocity and religious anguish, a global plunged right into a chaos of struggle, worry and the Plague. Barbara Tuchman anatomizes the century, revealing either the nice rhythms of heritage and the grain and texture of household existence because it used to be lived.

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Html (last accessed August 9, 2000). •Hold a “Medieval Biography” day, on which each member of the class takes on the role of an important person from medieval history. ” Then, in addition to creating a costume appropriate to that person (makeshift armor, for instance, or royal robes), each student should research the person’s biography and be prepared to discuss his or her life and significance. •Go through recent newspapers or newsmagazines and cut out or copy stories relating to issues that concerned people in the Middle Ages as much as they do people today.

Ecumenical: Across all faiths, or across all branches of the Christian Church. Empire: A large political unit that unites many groups of people, often over a wide territory. Epic: A long poem that recounts the adventures of a legendary hero. Ethnic group: People who share a common racial, cultural, national, linguistic, or tribal origin. Excommunicate: To banish someone from the church. F Famine: A food shortage caused by crop failures. Fasting: Deliberately going without food, often but not always for religious reasons.

Sultan: A type of king in the Muslim world. Sultanate: An area ruled by a Sultan. Synagogue: A Jewish temple. T Technology: The application of knowledge to make the performance of physical and mental tasks easier. Words to Know xxxix Terrorism: Frightening (and usually harming) a group of people in order to achieve a specific political goal. Theologian: Someone who analyzes religious faith. Theology: The study of religious faith. Trial by ordeal: A system of justice in which the accused (and sometimes the accuser as well) has to undergo various physical hardships in order to prove innocence.

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