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By Kent M. Van De Graaff, John L. Crawley, David A. Morton

ISBN-10: 0895828758

ISBN-13: 9780895828750

This full-color atlas is designed for all scholars taking separate or built-in classes in human anatomy and body structure. This atlas can accompany and increase any human anatomy, human body structure or mixed human anatomy and body structure textbook. it truly is designed to be of specific price to scholars in a laboratory scenario and will both accompany a laboratory handbook or, in yes classes, it will probably function the laboratory handbook.

Great care has long gone into the training of this photographic atlas to supply scholars with a whole set of pictures for every of the human physique structures. Cat, fetal pig, and rat dissection also are incorporated for these scholars who've the chance to do comparable dissections as a part of their laboratory requirement. moreover, photos of a sheep center dissection also are integrated.

A visible stability is accomplished among a few of the degrees on hand to watch the constitution of the physique. thoroughly categorised, informative figures are depicted essentially and competently. The phrases utilized in this atlas are those who are authorized and prompt by means of the Basle Nomina Anatomica (BNA).

Some of the adjustments for this new version contain a brand new paintings application, new vertebrate dissection photos (new specimens have been dissected to acquire higher caliber photos of the muscular and organ systems), and a brand new complete web page middle valve/cardiac cycle determine. 3-hole drilled.

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23 A lateral view of the jaws and teeth. 24 The eruption of teeth seen in a dissected skull of a youth (9 to 12 years old). 1. Permanent second molar 2. Permanent first molar 3. Deciduous second molar 4. Permanent first molar 5. Permanent second molar 6. Permanent second premolar 7. Permanent second premolar 8. Permanent canine 9. Deciduous first molar 10. Permanent first premolar 11. Deciduous canine 12. Incisors 13. Deciduous canine 14. Deciduous first molar 15. Permanent canine 16. 25 A medial view of the jaws and teeth.

Anterolateral fontanel 3. Frontal suture 8. Nasal septum 4. Mandible 10. 5 A lateral view of the 1. Parietal bone 2. Area of lambdoidal suture 3. Occipital bone 4. Posterolateral fontanel 5. Temporal bone 6. Anterior fontanel 7. Frontal bone 8. Area of coronal suture 3 1 fetal skull. 9. Anterolateral fontanel 10. Nasal bone 11. Sphenoid bone 12. Zygomatic bone 13. Maxilla 14. Mandible 15. Zygomatic process 16. 6 A superior view of the fetal skull. 1. Parietal bone 4. Anterior fontanel 2. Synostosis 3.

The symphysis pubis can be readily seen in this radiograph of the pelvic girdle. Note the head of the femur articulating with the acetabulum of the os coxae forming a ball-and-socket joint is a freely moveable synovial joint. Ilium 4. Pubis 3. Ball-and-socket joint 6. 3 An intervertebral joint between vertebral bodies is a type of cartilaginous joint. The intervertebral discs of intervertebral joints can be readily seen in a lateral MR image of the lower back. 1. Spinal cord 2. Body of second lumbar vertebra (L2) 3.

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